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As we are sure you have heard, there are currently supply chain issues in every industry.

In the apparel world that supply chain is complex. We have farmers, yarn spinners, yarn dyers, textile manufacturers, cut-and-sew factories, suppliers and distributors. This intricate supply chain is knit together (no pun intended) by a complex transportation and logistics infrastructure. Right now, that complex supply chain is out of balance, and it is creating challenges for all of us.

We will do our best to find the items and colors you want but some items will have to be switched to something similar in a different brand or slightly different color. We can also put items on backorder, but we may not know when the backorder will be available.

Production may take longer than normal as well because the goods have to come from multiple vendors, all of which are experiencing labor shortages and shipping delays.

Please factor this into your deadlines and order early.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility.

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