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Don & Sharman Franklin graduated from FSU in 1971 and started Homestead Handcrafts, Inc. in 1975 on their back porch in the little Gadsden County community of Shady Rest. They moved to the current location in Calvary, GA just north of Havana in 1977 and started doing business as Homestead Imprinted Sportswear. Since then, the business and the family have grown but the principles of quality, creativity, dependability and competitive pricing are still the foundations that guide the Homestead today. We now more casually refer to ourselves as Homestead T-shirts.


Shawnee & Skye, Don & Sharman's daughters grew up in the business and are actively involved in its management. They bring new energy and creativity to the Homestead to continue its mission.

Homestead T-shirts has come a long way and we are proud of our history, our family and our fantastic customers, some of which have been with us since the very beginning. We are not just a screen printing company, we are a family company and a local company. 

Franklin family 2019
The Homestead circa 1977

Don, Sharman & Shawnee circa 1977

The Homestead circa 1975

Don & Sharman screen printing circa 1975

Don, Sharman, Shawnee, Shawnee's husband Ken, Skye, Skye's kids Gavin & Summer. Pup dogs Maya and Rhythm and baby goat Leo.

Promotional video made for us by Florida Photo and Drone.

Promotional video made for us by Florida Photo and Drone.

In 2015 The Thomasville Chamber of Commerce and Thomas County Central High School Mass Media Department teamed up and the students made films about the areas local businesses.

Homestead and the Environment

We are located on 85 acres of wooded rolling hills and streams just 18 miles north of Tallahassee off Hwy. 27. We are a sanctuary for wildlife and protected by The Georgia Land Conservation program. Because of our concern for wildlife and the environment, we have always attempted to tread lightly on the earth. Our plan for the future is to continue to reduce our environmental footprint.

  • We reuse or recycle all of our cardboard boxes

  • We reuse or recycle all of our copy paper

  • We recycle our plastic bottles and cans from the break room

  • We removed the vending machines to reduce electricity and encourage healthier habits

  • We offer organic and environmentally friendly products

  • We donate our unneeded apparel and samples to the Havana Community Cares Outreach Center or Rag 2 Bags

  • We donate our used ink and toner cartridges to the Tallahassee Animal Service Center for recycling and they get money back.

  • We installed energy-efficient light bulbs in the office

  • We use a soy-based cleaner to clean the screens

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