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      If it is your job to order the shirts for your special event, organization, or retail store, the task can seem over whelming. We can make the project easy for you, and everyone involved will be thrilled with the results.
     If you need shirts for retail sale in your shop, we have hundreds of fantastic designs to choose from. They can be used as is, or customized any way you like. We can also design your very own custom shirt exclusive to your shop.
     If you need shirts for your school, or church, or special event, you have come to the right place. Look through the catalogs on the left and you�ll find just the shirt you need. From there, our outstanding art department can design a signature logo for your organization, or a crowd pleasing T-shirt that everyone will want.
     Check out a sampling of our custom work below and get your project started.

Price is determined by the number of garments or items, the garment or item that is used, the number of colors, or screens used to print the design, and the number of locations that are printed.

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screenprinting strip2

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