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Custom Embroidery

     When your logo is worn by you and others, it is a reflection of your company, school, or organization. Nothing says classy and professional like fine embroidery. Whether it is sewn on a polo shirt, jacket, or cap, you will be proud of the image it projects.

     In preparing your logo for embroidery, we pay attention to every detail. We use the finest thread in a wide selection of colors, and our stitching is tight and uniform as you can see by the examples below.

     Look through the catalogs on the left and you’ll find just the garment you need. From there, our outstanding art department can design a signature logo for your organization, or reproduce your existing logo.

Price is determined by the number of garments or items, the garment or item that is used, the number of colors, the number of stitches in the logo, and the number of locations that are printed.

Embroidery Sample Strip1
Embroidery Sample Strip2

Embroidery Sample Strip3

Embroidery Sample Strip4